A Christmas Story: The Return of a Bible

IMG_0832Twenty-seven years ago, Timothy John Daub was born and lived a very short life due to a liver tumor. In memory of their son, his parents purchased a very large Bible for the church. Each week a child would walk with the candlelighters down the center aisle carrying this Bible at the start of the church service.

Four or five years ago, this Bible went missing. At first the church staff was sure that it had been misplaced. After all, there had been many different groups using the church that week, and they just knew that someone had put it in an odd place. Time passed, and it became clear that someone had taken the Bible. It was disconcerting, to say the least.

On Monday, November 30, the church sexton found the Bible outside the front door of the sanctuary, like a baby left at a fire station. No note. No explanation. Not much the worse for wear. On Sunday the Bible was rededicated to all the children of CUCC.

Like the Christmas Story, the return of the Bible is mysterious, and comes when aren’t looking.


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