Tree Lighting at the Depot

IMG_0791Never being one to rush into anything, I finally decided to see the Christmas tree lighting in front of the Claremont Train Depot on Friday night for the very first time in 30 years. (Disclaimer: for several years I played recorder in the Village on the night of the Holiday Prominade, but I never went to see the tree lighting.)

The Swingin’ Cats were jazzing it up at the Depot, entertaining many people, including what looked like a Brownie troop who were happy to dance to the tunes.


The tree was supposed to be lit at 6, but it was closer to 6:20 when the lights came on. I found a prime spot to stand, in the 1st Street median, and as I looked to my right, I saw a man with a drone who was ready to take a movie of the event.


By the time that Santa arrived in the police car, I was walking into the village to enjoy the lights in the shop windows. A little Glühwein would have made it tastier….


One thought on “Tree Lighting at the Depot

  1. Thanks for your description of the tree lighting at the Depot, as well as your pictures of the festivities in the village on Friday night, December 4, 2015. Like you, I’ve never been to see it, but I love to see the decorations that are up on the lamp posts, as well as in the store windows and the outside areas. We’re looking forward to Christmas Eve and the excitement it brings, as well as Christmas with our daughter & her family. I hope that you two will be with your family, too. Merry Christmas to you both and to all of your family!


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