Pilgrim Place Festival

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 12.58.17 PMToday starts the two-day extravaganza called Pilgrim Place Festival at Pilgrim Place, a senior community for those serving in religious or charitable organizations.

When my girls were very small, we went every year, especially to take part in the glue-in. Residents save scraps of things all year long (toothpaste lids, small wood pieces, film canisters, beads, buttons, and all kinds of whatnot). Kids used to pay 25 cents to get a sturdy piece of cardboard and a little pot of glue to make whatever kind of 3D project they desired. These masterpieces usually lasted a few months at our house where they slowly retired to a storage place where, once forgotten, found their way to the great glue-in in the sky landfill.

Now my favorite place is the book sale, because you never know what you will find there that you didn’t know you wanted to read.

I actually have not been to the Festival since 2011, but you can see photos of it at my previous blog here.


2 thoughts on “Pilgrim Place Festival

  1. How neat to see this post from 2011 and the Pilgrim Festival. Like you, we came every year, but now that we live here, we’re participating on a different level. It was two very busy days for both of us – up VERY early for me to go help pack the salads for the turkey dinner – and then to spend the day working in the weaving room (me) and Handsome Homer selling ice cream to those having the dinner and playing with the musicians for the Festival Play. In anticipation of the showers that were in the advance forecast, so many of the booths had been moved into carports or were held in the rooms where that particular art or craft is created. The Emporium did a booming business with the clean used clothing that they sell. The bright sunny days were a delight and welcomed by everyone who lives here or who brought their children to ride the train or the “ship” or for create their art at the Glue In and get their faces painted at the booth right next to it. The Food Court where hot dogs, hamburgers, chili, soft drinks, slices of pie, chips, and soft drinks are available had a long line when I went to get my lunch both days. Treasures was moved inside this large 2-story house, and the fine china, crystal, and silver – both serving pieces and bowls and platters – were displayed on long tables in this very large living room and some jewelry made from “weapons of war turned into art” was sold in another room where you also got a pamphlet explaining the rationale behind their mission. I watched the last bus that had brought people here from other cities leave after their last passenger finally arrived with the bags of items they had purchased. Many residents’ grown sons and daughters come from all around the country to work with their parent(s) in their booths. It was a super event and I look forward to Pilgrim Festival 2016.


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