Steffan and Skelly Art Show

IMG_0433Many of my posts may end up being about art. First, I am an art enthusiast. Second, Claremont is a town brimming with artists. I even know some of these artists. In fact the two artists featured here were in the same babysitting coop with us when we first moved to Claremont 30 years ago.

Jeanne Steffan and Tom Skelly shared a show this weekend at the Ginger Elliott Hall at the Garner House in Memorial Park. Like the ephemeral spring, it’s already gone by now.

One thought on “Steffan and Skelly Art Show

  1. Thanks for posting the pictures of the show at Claremont Heritage. I had hoped to get by there, but I just could not find the time to do it. Now I hope that you’ll come to the Pilgrim Festival this weekend to see all of the art that they’ll be selling. I heard today that they have some very nice pictures that will be sold for much less than they are actually worth. In addition, all of the other items in the various booths are priced to sell. There is some gorgeous sterling silver jewelry, as well as beautiful place mats, shawls, and wraps made by the weavers,


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