RSABG – Grow Native Nursery

30 years ago when we moved from the IMG_0375Midwest to this desert land, I did not love the native plants. These strange trees they called Live Oak were nothing like oak trees I knew. Those tiny little leaves turned brown and fell year-round and crunched and poked under your feet. Spindly plants produced tiny little flowers that you had to look carefully to see.

Of course, I have since grown to love the drought tolerant plants that thrive here, and seven years ago we ripped out any remaining lawn and replace it with native inhabitants.

Now is a good time of year to be thinking about heading to the Grow Native Nursery at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens. After the ground has a good soaking with the next few rains, fall planting can begin. Now we just need to think and plan which plants we need to replace.

I love me some Manzanitas!


One thought on “RSABG – Grow Native Nursery

  1. Glad you are using the “Grow Native Nursery” at the Botanic Garden and that you love manzanitas. They sound like an ideal shrub. Pilgrim Place is slowly converting all of the lawns from grass to drought-tolerant landscaping. I just picked up more yellow leaves that had fallen off the apricot tree in our patio and the cooler weather does seem to indicate that we may actually have “winter” this year. 🙂 That will be a nice change.


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