Halloween on a Saturday

IMG_0334I can’t say how many years the Claremont merchants have been handing out Halloween candy to kids during daylight hours, but when the holiday came on a Saturday this year, parents joined their kids all afternoon in a romp through the Village. With the Santa Ana Winds blowing, the mid-80s felt even warmer with no clouds to obscure the sun’s rays.

Besides the candy give-a-way, a clown was giving away balloon creations at the library, there were booths at the Train Depot as well as an animal show. Many kids seemed caught up in looking at and even touching a baby alligator.


It was not a day for brisk walking down the streets, and many corners boasted traffic controllers at the corners so that the cars had a chance to actually get through the intersections.


Many kids seemed to be carrying plastic pumpkins to tote their loot, and I asked one mom if her kids were going out again tonight. “Sure,” she replied. I noted that it seemed to be quite a bit of candy for one kid, but she explained her plan. She would give out the candy from the afternoon haul to the trick-or-treaters at her door. I wonder how many other inventive parents have the same idea.


One thought on “Halloween on a Saturday

  1. What a perfect way to celebrate Halloween especially for all of the younger children who so want to wear their costumes – many of them have had a chance to wear them at least one day at their preschool or school – and it’s a safe way for kids to experience this fun holiday. And, they certainly do have an opportunity to get candy that they can then either save to eat OR give out at the door on Halloween Night. I wore a black shirt with the words “This is my Halloween Costume” written in orange on the front. We had a TON of spooks come by – most with families either right with them or waiting on the sidewalk out in front – and we gave away ALL of the wrapped small pieces of chocolate, chocolate with caramel filling, and chocolate with mint filling candy that we had on hand. I also told each of the “spooks” and their parent(s) if the candy contained nuts because of the rising prevalence of peanut or nut allergies. Fun, fun holiday that I look forward to every year.


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