Village Venture

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Village Venture Past

Claremont parents usually have their children’s Halloween costumes ready in good time for trick-or-treats if their children march in the Village Venture Halloween parade. At least my daughters did when they were young. Their favorite memories of this event involved getting the goodie bag at the end of the parade with swag from local merchants.

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Held on the 4th Saturday of October, Village Venture is Claremont’s fall Arts and Crafts Fair. Hundreds of booths showcase crafts, art, promote local businesses, churches and schools, with a big selection of international food vendors.

This year the Santa Ana Winds were blowing, so the skies were clear and the air was hot. That did not deter the thousands of visitor who come from near and far.


The Claremont Young Musicians Orchestra usually plays in a shady spot near the library, but this year, sadly, there was only a placard in memory of Roger Samuel, the conductor, who lost his battle with cancer earlier this year.


One thought on “Village Venture

  1. Thanks for posting this info about Village Venture. Butch dropped me off AND I took no money in order not to be tempted to buy things I/we don’t need. It was a good thing that I didn’t have any because I would have bought several things that caught my eye. Thanks, too, for the sad information about Roger Samuel. I did not realize that he had died. The huge crowd at the Used Book Sale in front of the Library no doubt kept me from seeing that sign.


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