Homecoming Ceremony and Parade

IMG_2475The High School Homecoming Parade is one of Claremont’s nods to a Lake Wobegone kind of community. I don’t remember anything about homecoming when I was in high school in a large Midwestern city with seven high schools, so now I enjoy the small town feeling of CHS.

Festivities start off in Memorial Park, across the street from Sycamore Elementary School just as school is getting out, making for a congested traffic situation as people are arriving from the high school, and parents are picking up their kids.

The bandshell is decorated as a backdrop for announcing the Grand Marshalls of the parade, hearing the chamber singers perform a song, and presenting the royal court of nominees for Homecoming King and Queen. Each one is escorted by someone – maybe a parent or grandparent, or even a friend.

Then the King is announced. Each candidate is given a tube, which, when pulled, will shoot out confetti. The candidate with the gold confetti is crowned King. Queen will be announced at the game that evening.

About 30 minutes after this fanfare, the parade begins.

First comes the CHS Marching Band, followed by floats from each class. The theme this year, I think, was American Road Trip, so each class chose a city. The seniors came in first place with their Route 66 nod to California.

At the end the El Roble Cheer Squad, holding hands with little girls, looked as though they were running a race.


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