Solar Panels

With the addition of a plug-in hybrid to our household,IMG_0691 and because we would like to be good environmental stewards, we had solar panels installed on our roof this week. The process is not particularly swift. About two months ago we had a conversation with Solar City concerning our interest. A few weeks after that, someone came and walked around on our roof, taking measurements. They had to draw up plans, run these plans through the city for approval and take care of paperwork.

The actual installation took less than a day and required that our electricity be shut off for a short time in order to connect the system to our switch box.

IMG_0101Not yet up and running, we must wait for the city inspection as well as So Cal Edison to come by and deem us ready.

We can count at least five friends and our church who already harness the sun’s power (that we know of).


It’s hard to see the panels on top of the tall roof, but they are hard at work.


Here is a map from the Solar City website that shows the number of buildings in Claremont which are solar powered (by their company).

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 6.31.20 PM


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