Macaroons and Luxemburgerli

IMG_6171As the Confiserie Sprüngli in Switzerland, they are called Luxemburgerli, tiny macaroons in any flavor to please your palate. The website says, “You can find macaroons almost anywhere, but for Luxemburgerlis you have to go to Sprüngli!”

And yes, you can find delicious macarons in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. At the invitation of Claremont friend, currently living in L.A., I hopped the Metrolink train to Union Station on Friday to have lunch with her. She suggested Bottega Louis, a very posh and happening place on Grand Ave.

Looking like a former bank with high ceilings, grand pillars, and marble everywhere, the first thing you see upon entering is the counter filled with pastries, starting with a wide variety of colorful , tiny macarons (this is how Bottega Louis spells it).


After a leisurely lunch (the place is packed and quite loud), we had to try the house specialty, so we ordered four macarons, and our waitress added the pumpkin-flavored one to the mix. Because of their small size, I recommend nibbling it slowly, accompanied by a cup of coffee. You can get them to go, of course, but you should eat them within a day.

A side note: You can order 36 Luxemburgerli for 47 CHF (about $48 – or about $1.35 per treat), but at Bottega Louis, each little delight will set you back $2.50.


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