Instrumental Music Education

Back in the day, in Kansas, I started playing violin at school IMG_0688in the 4th grade. The school district offered free lessons and loaned out instruments to students.

Now, some XXX years later, I am on the teaching and loaning end of things. In fact, I started teaching strings in the CUSD 20 years ago. Not every school district in our area offers string instruments (many do offer band at the elementary level). Some districts offer string classes once a week for 30 minutes, but we are fortunate to have a district which offers two 45-minute classes each week, and at every elementary school.

Music lessons start next week, and students who qualify for free loaner instruments will be picking them up soon. Teachers have been going through the inventory, replacing missing accessories, throwing out old, dysfunctional cases, and waiting to see the happy looks on faces of students, thrilled to have the chance to learn an instrument.


4 thoughts on “Instrumental Music Education

    • Cello- you may not remember, but fall term freshman year I was in a quartet with you and we played a student’s composition, but I don’t think we were too successful! I only play the flute now.


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