James Turrell – Dividing the Light

IMG_2495The art of James Turrell could span a week’s worth of blog posts. The prolific artist installed one of his Skyspaces at his alma mater here in Claremont, at Pomona College.

Enter the courtyard about 25 minutes before sunset. Notice the square pool appearing shallower than it actually is, and listen to the constant water trickle. Take a seat on one of the granite benches surrounding the pool, tilt your head back, resting on the back of the bench. Even though you notice that the hole in the ceiling is square, no matter how you photograph it, it appears many other linear shapes, but not square.


Almost imperceptibly, the color projected onto the underside of the roof gradually changes hues. In doing so, the perception of the sky color changes through the square aperture. Soon the night sky appears black as you see it through the hole, but it might appear a deep blue when you look out through the side.

IMG_2532 IMG_2519 IMG_2292 IMG_2283

Perception is the medium.


3 thoughts on “James Turrell – Dividing the Light

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