The LA County Fair

Every September we ask ourselves if we are IMG_2264going to the LA County Fair, just over in neighboring Pomona. Most every single year we say, maybe next year. This year finally became next year. Our daughters were quite young the last time we went, so we were probably due.

This fourth largest fair in the US has what you expect including carnival rides, deep-fried foods, farm animals, demonstrations, shows, exhibits and infomercials you can see in person. We saved ourselves the $15 parking fee by riding the bus (read about this at Glamping in Switzerland).

One of our favorite things was watching the blacksmith demonstration. We watched him make a leaf that could be hung from a chain as a necklace and he answered questions and told us about his craft. His two accomplices made a hammer head at the same time.

I thought about Charlotte’s Web as I wandered the various barns. I also thought about all the animals in Switzerland that we would see from the train windows.

I wonder why it is necessary to give first, second and third place to children’s art.


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