Concerts in the Park

Once Upon a Time, schoolchildren and teachers IMG_0683in Claremont could relax at the final Concert in the Park on Labor Day before returning to the bell schedule. This year school has already been in session for a week, but the good residents of our fair city can still hang on to the sounds of summer for just a little longer to ease into fall and the new year.

Monday’s penultimate concert featured a Claremont Treasure – The Night Blooming Jazzmen who filled the still air with Dixieland Jazz. The shadows fell early with temperatures following suit. People lined up for hot dogs and hamburgers from the Kiwanis booth, and Bob sat at the table promoting the Kiwanis Route 66 Party on Sept. 18. Youthful exuberance led some to start dancing in front of the band.

Labor Day’s season final concert will feature the popular band The Ravelers.


One thought on “Concerts in the Park

  1. Thanks for this, Charlotte. A very good idea! As for me, I find it hard to relax in the park these days because of the dead grass and stressed trees. But I do love the community get-togethers and the Ravelers are always a good draw. Even if I don’t go, I am filled with a sense of community when I drive or walk by and friends and families are celebrating their time together there.


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