IMG_7273Welcome to my corner of the blogosphere. After returning from a sabbatical year in the beautiful city of Zürich, Switzerland, and blogging every day about expat life and travels throughout Europe (Glamping in Switzerland), I presented myself with a new blogging challenge.

Before leaving for Switzerland, I had been posting about my Life in Claremont with an intended audience of friends and family. After six years, I sense that that blog has run its course. Considering various ideas, I realized that my favorite blog posts present a sense of place, through photos and stories.

Those of us who live in the southern California town of Claremont know what a gem of a community this is. Originally a railroad stop on the Santa Fe line in the 1880s, the first industries of citrus and education created an environment for the growth of a diverse population. The photos and stories which will appear in Claremontography aim to highlight some of what makes this small city unique.

Of course, when my wanderlust kicks in, the scope of this blog will extend to other locales throughout Southern California, the United States and the world.

One thought on “Claremontography

  1. So glad to discover this new blog as I was checking out all emails that I had not yet read. You write so well and your selection of places or things or events to highlight is always interesting. Can’t wait to follow this one! We do happen to have an old photograph of the Santa Fe Depot from 1887 with the city’s name on a large sign on the building: CLAREMONT.


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